Thursday, January 15, 2009


(a fermented drink for winters)

This is a special drink made during the winters.This drink is a specialty of the state of Uttar Pradesh. This drink gives warmth to the body.It builds immunity of the body.

It will take a week for this drink to be ready , so I will add the snap of Kanji after a week.



Radish - 1 kg

Beet root - 1 kg

Carrots - 1 kg

Yellow mustard seeds (roughly ground to a paste) - ½ cup

Salt to taste

Water to fill the earthen pot (about 75% of the pot)

Earthen pot (ghara/matka)

Muslin cloth - 12 inches by 12 inches


· Chop all the vegetables into 2 inches long pieces.

· Boil the water in a large pan and add all the chopped vegetables. Simmer for two minutes.

· Now pour all the hot boiled vegetables as well as the boiled water into the earthen pot.

· Now add the mustard paste and salt. Mix thoroughly.

· Cover and tie a piece of muslin cloth at the mouth of the pot.

· Keep in sunlight for a week. Stir the mixture twice a day.

· Kanji will be ready to drink in 1 week.

· It is sour and tangy in taste.

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