Friday, January 2, 2009

CHHOLE (chick peas in gravy)


Chick peas - ½ kg

Onions (big) - 2

Tomatoes - 3

Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tbsp

Green chillies (slit lengthwise) - 3 to 4

Bay leaves - 2

Black cardamom - 3

Green cardamom - 3

Peppercorns - 6 to 7

Garam masala pdr - 1 tsp

Dry mango pdr (amchur pdr) - 1 tsp

Black salt - 1 tsp

Red chilli pdr - as per taste

Salt to taste

Fresh coriander - 2 tbsp ,chopped

Mustard/refined oil - 2 tbsp


· Soak chhole (chick peas) overnight.

· Pressure cook the soaked chick peas along with salt and 2 black cardamom. BUT DO NOT OVERCOOK.

· Slice 1 onion in half and finely chop half a piece. Grind the rest of the onion into a paste. Grind the tomatoes also into a paste.

· In a separate pan, heat oil, add bay leaves, remaining 1 black cardamom and green cardamom. Now add chopped onions and fry till golden brown.

· Add tomato paste and fry for 2 minutes .Now add ginger-garlic paste and fry till the masala leaves oil.

· Now dry mango pdr, red chilli pdr and garam masala pdr and mix well.

· Add all the boiled chhole (keep the water separately) in the pan and mix well for two minutes.

· Add the water in which you boiled the chhole earlier, bring to a boil then let it simmer for 10 minutes.

· Mash some of the chhole by pressing it with the back of a spatula.

· Garnish with chopped coriander and green chillies.

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