Tuesday, March 3, 2009




   Carrots (peeled and grated)   -  2 kg, red & big sized

   Whole Milk   - 1 litre

   Khoya (mawa)   -  200 gms (recipe given below)

   Sugar   -  2 cups

   Ghee    -  1/4 cup

   Cashew nuts    -  10 (soaked in hot water and slivered)

   Almonds   -  10 (soaked in hot water, peeled and slivered)

   Saffron ( soaked in the water)  -  1 pinch

   Cardamom Powder   -  1/2 teaspoon


 To prepare Khoya (mawa)  :

·        Bring to boil, ½ liter of whole milk in a heavy bottom saucepan.

·        Reduce the heat and let it simmer. Keep stirring so that milk does not stick to the base of the pan.

·        As milk gets thicker stir more vigorously. The khoya is cooked when the milk is reduced to a thick, dry lump and it has stopped sizzling.

·        Remove from the pan and leave it to cool. Use within fortnight.

 To prepare Gajar Ka Halwa:

·        Add 4 tbsp of ghee in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Add grated carrots. On medium heat mix thoroughly and sauté for 10 minutes or till the carrots turn a bright orange in color.

·        Add 1 liter of milk and mix thoroughly. Let it simmer (approximately 1 hour) till all the milk is absorbed in the carrots and they start to leave oil.

·        Add khoya. Cook on medium heat (approximately 15 minutes), stirring occasionally.

·        Add sugar. Continue to cook and stir the carrot mixture till it dries.

·        Add ghee. Cook till ghee shows separately (approximately 10 minutes), stirring constantly.

·        Remove from heat when still moist.

·        Garnish with saffron, cardamom powder, cashew nuts and almonds. Serve hot.

·        If not serving immediately, refrigerate carrot halwa and re-heat and serve whenever desired.     

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