Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love In A Tub !!

Saw this play yesterday. It was like a comedy of errors. This was my second play as an audience. The 1st one, I can’t recall much, was by a solo actor, Ashish Vidyarthi. It was hilarious. Had watched it with sis, some 10 yrs ago.

Its’ really amazing how all the artistes’ voices could reach to an entire hall, filled to capacity. These were veteran actors. The best thing about the play was Amir Raza Hussain and the Chinese waiter, both of whom’s comic timing and expressions were too good…

Since the name had aroused a lot of curiosity ,I wasn’t sure what I should be looking forward to .Hubby had also been joking that I should stay at home with one of his friends’ wife and they ‘ll go and watch the play …..

But it turned out that three of the men in the play were in a towel… for the most part of the play and all the women were fully dressed…..

The secretary, who was the cause of all the drama, was a bit of a disappointment. I think she should have been a younger lady, coz her husband in the play looked younger than her !

The Manager (a sardarji) was exactly like the sardarji in ‘Mind Your Language’ (an American serial).

The story of the play goes like this….

In the opening scene, was Mr. Willey, about to go for a meeting, when his wife asks him to spend a romantic afternoon with her. He refuses, so she plans to go watch a play instead.

The husband tells his secretary George, to book a room under a false name (Charles Easter), where he can have a secret rendezvous with one of the pm’s secretaries. George, being a very simple man, is aghast but after much persuasion, agrees and books it under the name of Santa Christmas.

At the some time Mrs. Willey finds out about the room and assumes that George is having an affair. When he denies, she tells him to have one right now, with her. Now he is stuck coz he can’t tell her the real reason for booking the room.

So while Mrs. Willey is preparing for her adventure, George finds out that he has booked the room opposite to Mr. Willey’ s suite and tells him so He says he’ll some how manage . Then the secretary comes and Willey sends George over to his room to get some stuff.

Mrs. Willey finds George in her room and convinces him to stay there.

One thing leads to another, with all the characters going from one room to the other and explaining their presence with varied reasons. The confusion reaches its peak when the secretary’s husband also lands up in the same hotel…..

We were so engrossed in the play that we didn’t know when 2 hours (the duration of the play) had passed. The play was preceded by high tea. There was such a wide variety of snacks that we were full by the time we had tasted all of them. There was a 15 minutes’ recess during the play, in which we had some yummy cookies and coffee and then went back to laughing our hearts out.

All in all, had a wonderful time and now looking forward to watching more such plays…..

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